Sunday, 21 August 2011

Roast vegetable strudel

I've spent the weekend experimenting with new blog headers and am still on my quest to learn more about baking, photography and web design etc. Anyway, for now I thought I'd post a recipe for a really tasty and easy veggie dish. I've made various adaptions to this recipe so feel free to alter and adapt to your taste.


1 Red Pepper

1 Courgette



Red Thai Paste

Oyster Sauce



Soy Sauce

Pack Filo Pastry

1 egg to brush

Chop up vegetables and roast in tray with oil and garlic for about 1 hour or until roasted to liking (you might want to cut veggies into smaller pieces)
Add roasted vegetables to wok with bit of oil – add thai paste (good dollop) + oyster sauce and heat through add bean sprouts and more sauces as desired.

Leave to cool slightly then lay out sheets of filo pastry

Lay out sheets of filo pastry – 3 layers per parcel into squares (usually get about 4 per pack of pastry)

Lay mixture in middle of pastry – fold up sides – turn upside down onto baking tray brush with egg.

Oven cook for 15 minutes until pastry is golden.

Serve with couscous or mixed leaves with balsamic dressing.

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