Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Product Review - Kelloggs Hot Oat Krumbly

If there's one thing that gets me up and out of bed in the morning it's the though of breakfast. For years now I've eaten cereal for breakfast as I find it keeps me going all morning and there's such a huge selection available that I never grow tired of it. In fact, given the choice I think I could actually eat cereal for a couple of meals each day.
I tend to mix my cereals every morning allowing me to create my own mix and a nice balance of crunch and flavour - usually some All Bran, Special K , something fruity and some granola for added energy with the odd handful of chocolate thrown in for good measure.
Anyway, one of my favourites of late is this Hot Oat Krumbly option from Kelloggs. This is designed to be eaten with hot milk but personally I love the buttery crumbly taste with a little cold milk. The clusters are a good size and are light to eat with a lovely sweet buttery taste which were a lovely addition to my usual bowl. I've purchased a few boxes of this and have since noticed that my usual supermarkets don't seem to have them in stock. I hope this isn't one of Kelloggs unpromoted lines which pops up and disappears unannounced. If you come across these I'd grab them quick !

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