Sunday, 2 May 2010

M&S Raisin and Cinnamon Toasta Breads

Calories : 200 per toasta

I remember years ago loving square croissant pastries which went in the toaster from M&S. They were great with jam but sadly were one of the many M&S lines which didn't hang around for long. I'm not a huge fan of pastry and I love all things with raisins and cinnamon so thought these sounded pretty tasty, especially as they were made from focaccia bread and were described as being "chewy in the middle".

My mum sampled these first and wasn't that impressed, however I think this was more owing to the fact that she burnt them as she had the toaster too high.

I wasn't holding out much hope but was pleasantly suprised and thoroughly enjoyed them lightly toasted. They had a nice sugary sticky coating and were packed with juicy raisins while having the texture of foccacia.

There's also a chocolate chip version of these which I might try but I doubt that these will be available in M&S for long.