Monday, 17 October 2011

Chocolate cinnamon spice tealoaf

I finally got round to sorting out some recipes which I had pulled out from various magazines and supplements and with some friends coming round at the weekend,  I thought it was a good opportunity to try something new.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the cake and loved the spicy cinnamon with the chocolate. Personally although I thought this was a nice cake to enjoy with afternoon tea, I'd much prefer it if it had more of a sweet chocolate taste ( only cocoa was used in the actual cake) or if it had been smoothered in chocolate icing or buttercream ! When I have cake I like it to be really indulgent and sweet!

I stuck to the recipe (more or less) although reduced the eggs to 3 and adjusted the quanities of sugar and flour accordingly.

The recipe can be found here as its definitely worth a try!

Update - I've started sketching again and am considering starting a sketch book style blog rather than just posting recipes. I've also been doing wee crafty projects and learning more about photography/ photoshop ( does anyone else find theres not enough hours in the day!)

If you haven't already I'd also urge you to use - a fab scrapbook style site to post images from around the web which you like. I was actually thinking I needed a better way to organise my favourite bookmarked sites and thought a virtual scrapbook would be a great idea - when i then hit upon pinterest.