Monday, 19 December 2011

No Croutons Required Festive Photo - The Princes Tree

I was out for dinner in Glasgow on Saturday night and took this image of the hanging tree in the Princes Square. I love Christmas lights and they created a lovely atmosphere in the centre. I'm quite pleased with how this picture turned out, and it makes me keen to keep taking photos and to keep learning about photography. I'm entering this for No Croutons Required Festive Photo as hosted by Jacqueline at the fab blog Tinned Tomatoes.


Shaheen said...

Hi there,
Just found your blog via Tinned Tomatoes. Lovely to make your acquaintance. I was in Glasgow city centre at the weekend, wandered George Square, but did not venture into the warmth of Princes Square.

Happy Christmas to you. Looking forward to reading and learning more about you.

Ruth Ellis said...

How sparkly and festive!

LPATRI11 said...

Thanks for the comments guys!

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